Art toilet house with heart


Mrs Schmidt

Short description of the proposal

In Cospeda there are many associations, but no club house. But we have the barn stage in the KulturGut. For eight years theatre has been played, sung, read and celebrated here. The theatre group Scheunenbühne and the local choir use the room for rehearsals and performances. Guest performances have also taken place - most recently a children's theatre group from Poland. Many animals live on the vicarage, to which the KulturGut belongs. The riding club Pferdefreunde Cospeda has numerous, mostly young, members. To the culture, sport and nature location we are missing a toilet house, which fulfils hygienic standards and makes the visit in our barn stage even more pleasant.


1.500 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.