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Citizen's Budget 2020

On 15.07.2020, the city council unanimously approved the 2020 citizens' budget with an amount of € 25,000. Due to the difficult budget situation caused by the Corona pandemic, the amount is lower this year. This also made changes in the rules necessary. You can find the justifications in the Council Information System. The complete set of rules and examples of valid and invalid proposals according to this year's regulations can be found under downloads.

Logo Bürgerbudget Jena
Logo Bürgerbudget Jena

The most important information on the Citizens' Budget 2020

The citizens' budget is a separate form of participation for the residents of the city of Jena. They have the opportunity to submit proposals for measures to improve the city. And they then have the opportunity to vote on the basis of all submitted proposals which of them should be implemented within the framework of the budget.

Proposals can only be submitted for measures that are

  • are in the area of voluntary tasks of the city of Jena,
  • are not already budgeted for in the budget or business plan of a municipal undertaking, and
  • cannot be realized by other financing possibilities (e.g. budget of the local district councils).

This year the total amount of the citizens' budget is 25.000€. Proposals

All people who would like to help shape Jena are entitled to submit proposals for the use of the citizens' budget. In order for the proposal to be valid and voted on, it is obligatory to provide the name and contact details of the submitter for any queries.

Proposals will be put to the vote if

  • have been received within the submission deadline,
  • the responsibility for the implementation lies with the city of Jena (core administration and own enterprises),
  • are realizable within the next two years,
  • do not exceed the amount of 5,000 € per individual measure,
  • are not measures that are designed to be permanent,
  • include the follow-up costs for maintenance, upkeep and management for the next 5 years in the budget costs of max. 5,000 €,
  • serve the general public and
  • refer to the voluntary area of responsibility of the city of Jena, such as children and youth work, senior citizen work, culture, sports, etc..

Proposals can also be submitted in favour of associations, sponsors, organisations and institutions by natural persons, provided that they are residents of the city of Jena. However, only proposals that are either in public space or in publicly accessible areas or are accessible to the general public free of charge can be implemented.

Proposals will not be put to the vote if they are already budgeted in the budget of the city administration or the economic plans of the municipal enterprises.

The citizens' budget as well as the measures funded with it are part of democratic commitment and, in accordance with the Jena City Programme, may not discriminate against anyone with regard to ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

Proposals can be sent in writing to

Department of Urban Development and Environment
Central Coordination Office for Citizen Participation
Am Anger 26
07743 Jena

or by e-mail to buergerhaushalt@jena.de as well as electronically via the form .

Proposals for the citizens' budget can be submitted throughout the year. The deadline for consideration in the budget for the current calendar year is 30.09.2020. Proposals submitted after this date will be included in the subsequent citizens' budget.

The proposals received will be checked for validity by the City of Jena. This will usually take five working days. All submitted proposals will be published continuously on the portal. For proposals that are not valid, there is a justification by the city of Jena.

All residents of Jena who are at least 16 years old can directly decide which proposals will be implemented with the citizens' budget. Each person entitled to vote can cast a maximum of five votes. The result of the vote is binding.

Due to the Corona restrictions, the voting week and the closing event on 28.11.2020 unfortunately have to be cancelled.

Voting can be done until 10.12.2020 as follows

  • Online via this portal
  • via ballot papers, which can be handed in at various locations.

The ballot paper should be filled out completely and put into an envelope. Please label it with "central coordination office for citizen participation, vote citizen budget".
The ballots can be handed in either in the deadline mailbox of the city of Jena (Am Anger 15), at the district mayors of your district as well as the district offices in Neulobeda and Winzerla.
The ballot paper as well as an address overview of the delivery places
is available for you under Downloads.

Registration is necessary for online voting!

No. Proposal Votes Amount 25.000 €
1 New for the urge to move on the Westsportplatz (InWest e. V.) 1.012 5.000 € 20.000 €
10 Educational board dinosaur trail "Jena in the sea 561 5.000 € 15.000 €
6 Information board Jägerberg 520 1.800 € 13.200 €
37 Boule field 361 5.000 € 8.200 €
30 Swing for outdoor facility at Hugo youth centre 352 5.000 € 3.200 €
22 Insect-friendly flowers on the overgrown bed on the Eichplatz 337 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
35 Signposted jogging trails in the countryside 314 2.500 € 700 €
3 Bike repair stations for Jena 270 5.000 € Residual amount not sufficient
14 Community garden for Wenigenjena 193 5.000 € Balance insufficient
25 Waste collection station for a clean Jena 169 5.000 € Residual amount not sufficient
24 Digital Inverted Gymnasium 147 2.400 € Balance insufficient
29 Design of the village centre in Ziegenhain including the construction of a bench 145 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
19 The wandering garden of Jena 144 5.000 € Remaining amount not sufficient
32 Old fountain seeks attention! 136 5.000 € Residual amount not sufficient
27 Mutual consideration for people with and without handicap in the
urban traffic
126 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
5 Rubbish bins along the district heating pipeline to the Sparkassenarena 124 5.000 € Residual amount not sufficient
36 A place to enjoy and marvel 95 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
33 New nursery for the Lurch family 90 5.000 € Residual amount not sufficient
21 New paint for the benches in the green area of Eichplatz 48 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
43 Prominent placing of the town twinning 16 5.000 € Residual amount insufficient
31 New coat of paint for the benches at the corner of Kieserstraße and Schulstraße 15 2.400 € Residual amount not sufficient
Total 5.175 94.100 € 700 € Carried forward to the next citizens' budget

Ballot drop-off locations

District (OT) Ammerbach: Eberhard Kalus

Ammerbacher Straße 114
07745 Jena

OT Burgau: Andreas Fehrle

Am Schloßweidigt 4
07745 Jena

OT Closewitz: Andreas Schlegel

Closewitz 22
07751 Jena

OT Cospeda: Lutz Arnold

Rosenweg 17
07751 Jena

OT Isserstedt: Oliver Majuntke

Am Rasen 14
07751 Jena

District council Jena-North

Closewitzer Straße 2
07743 Jena

District council Jena-West

An der Weidigsmühle 10
07743 Jena

District council Jena-Centre

Neugasse 34
07743 Jena

OT Kunitz / Laasan: Johannes Heinemann

An der Mühle 48
07751 Jena

OT Leutra: Jörg Rosenberger

Leutra 27b
07751 Jena

OT Lichtenhain: Michael Müller

Lützowstraße 10
07745 Jena

Lobeda-Altstadt district council

Marktstraße 26
07747 Jena

OT Löbstedt: Carola Döpel

Am Steinbach 7
07743 Jena

OT Lützenroda: Reinhard Franke

Zum Ziskauer Tal 20
07751 Jena

OT Maua: Sandro Dreßler

Lindenweg 6
07751 Jena

OT Münchenroda / Remderoda Maik Prinz

Münchenroda 23
07751 Jena

Lobeda district office

Karl-Marx-Allee 28
07747 Jena

OT Vierzehnheiligen Dieter Richter

Vierzehnheiligen 23a
07751 Jena

District council Wenigenjena

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 30
07749 Jena

Winzerla neighbourhood office

Anna-Siemsen-Straße 49
07745 Jena

OT Ziegenhain: Jens Schulze

Holzweg 22
07749 Jena

Deadline mailbox

Am Anger 15
07743 Jena