Awning and shading for the outdoor area of the day nursery "Im Ziegenhainer Tal".


Mr. Lohr for the sponsoring association of the KITA "Im Ziegenhainer Tal".

Brief description of the proposal

The outdoor area of the day care center "Im Ziegenhainer Tal" is characterized by playgrounds, greenery and paths. It is oriented to the southeast, south and southwest and, with the exception of a few trees, unfortunately offers little natural shade. Especially the terraces adjacent to the KITA building are exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Due to the long periods of heat, especially in 2018 and in the current summer of 2019, it was often not possible to enjoy the walk in the garden with the children because of the lack of shade in the outdoor area.

We have therefore made it our aim to raise funds for the purchase and installation, of sensible, artificial and permanent shade providers. This should counteract the direct sunlight in the south-facing outdoor area and the terraces and enable the children to stay in the garden of the daycare center even on warm summer days.

Funds are to be raised for the production of two professional sun sails and their expert installation on the KITA building. The association made a start at this year's summer party of the KITA at the beginning of August and diligently collected the first donations for the shading. The total cost is € 11,444.

We are now applying for a grant for our idea from the 2019 citizens' budget of the city of Jena.


10,000 € (as a subsidy)

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.