Design of the village centre in Ziegenhain including the construction of a bench


Jörg Schneidereit

Brief description of the proposal

Dear Sir or Madam,

Ziegenhain, at the foot of the Fuchsturm, with its picturesque location amidst the wooded hills of the Wöllmisse nature reserve, has long been considered a popular destination for excursions by the people of Jena as well as those from the wider surrounding area. The more than thousand years old history of the place in connection with the history of the house mountain castles as well as the still today experiencable and tangible, medieval impression of the court facilities are point of attraction, treasure trove and inspiration, not only for historically interested people.

The central triangle of squares resulting from the historical course of Edelhofgasse and Turmgasse, directly in front of the historic Edelhof, the Ziegenhainer Hausbrauerei, the old school, not far from the archaic Marienkirche, has been the centre of the village for centuries. The prominent village lime tree, as the core tree and old meeting place of the inhabitants, underlines this fact not only optically unmistakably.

For many decades we Ziegenhainers have been living with a "green island" around the lime tree, however, the central tree itself is not really accessible due to the (meanwhile partly collapsing) walling in the form of an elevated planting. One is kept "at a distance", so to speak.

For a long time the idea has existed to re-establish a historical situation as it was so characteristic and typical for innumerable, rural places of our homeland: The village lime tree as a lively place to stay and real centre of the local life. Here conversations take place, here one enjoys, together with neighbours, friends and strangers, the shade on hot days, here the many children of the village meet (who play at present anyway on the street all around). Here, perhaps soon, there will be important information about the important history of our place to learn, as reading in display board form; here is a reassuring resting place for hikers on the way to Fuchsturm or Wöllmisse.

The most obvious as well as most authentic situation would be a solid-wood circular bench around the lime tree. Resting on typical local shell limestone foundations, an aesthetically wonderful spatial situation could be created here, which would virtually encourage people to marvel and linger. In two open semicircles with outwardly pointing backrests one would sit opposite each other. Interesting information boards on the theme of "The Path of the Ottonians", the history of the Hausberg castles, the Edelhof and St. Mary's Church could be placed, at a distance, around the trunk of the lime tree. Even the stone commemorating the important botanist family Dietrich, which is already located here, could be integrated very well.

The interest as well as the readiness to contribute ideas as well as physical assistance is plentifully present in the place. Even an experienced stonemason, as well as carpenters and joiners, who have already demonstrated their expertise and empathy not only at the single monument of the Edelhof, have already offered their help.

If we could realize this idea together with their help, it would not only be a great service to the social community life of an important, historical Jena village, it would also benefit all future visitors beyond the region. Last but not least, this focal point of life would be a defining, permanent highlight for one of the most enchanting places in the Jena area.

With optimistic greetings from Ziegenhain,
Jörg Schneidereit


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


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