Digital Inverted Gymnasium


Waldemar Spengler

Brief description of the proposal

As in the current times all sections of the population depend on the access to the digital medium, here the education and fitness should be considered for the younger people as well.

At a young age, acquiring unconventional skills is still much more important for the course of life. Conventional physical education, as well as time spent on the playgrounds and athletic fields, teaches skills such as: Ambition, social skills, creativity, reflecting on oneself, and strategic and independent thinking. All skills that provide a person with an easier path to maturity.

This is where the concept of "Digital Inverted Gymnasium" comes into play. Virtual space has increasingly fewer barriers in its design. Thus, a social situation can sometimes be easily simulated here, where cooperation, communication, and planning lead to resolution.

The idea is to create a digital playground with a social environment in which supportive methods are combined with gamification thinking. Here, targeted alternative skills can be learned and trained together from home; we all benefit from this.


2.400 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.

detailed concept (PDF, 164.26 KB)


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