Doing sports together with other people


Susanne Breternitz

Brief description of the proposal

One could offer free events like in other cities/countries to encourage more people to do sports. (maybe on the meadow in the paradise or similar) I think for example of so-called yoga mobs, where many people do yoga together, from beginners to advanced - everyone who wants to move in the fresh air with other people and do something for their health. One could cooperate with a fitness studio in Jena, which offers yoga courses. Of course, other sporting activities that can be practiced by many people at the same time would also be conceivable. This would make Jena much more attractive, possibly also for people who do not come from Jena and see this event(s) as a point of attraction or come to our city out of curiosity. Possibly this would also have a boost to the economy as a result. If such a special event is reported in the media, Jena will become even better known and attract many curious tourists. In addition, the city is doing something for the health of its citizens and this is always desirable. Since the event is offered free of charge, people with little income can also participate, possibly new friendships can be made.


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Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

The city itself does not provide such offers. There are already various bids by private players. However, no beneficiary or beneficiaries could be named for this proposal.


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