Elimination of a dangerous spot to create barrier-free access at Lutherplatz in the direction of Anger (in front of Cafe Liebstöckl)


D. Weingart for the Advisory Council for People with Disabilities

Short description of the proposal

The "dangerous tripping hazard" is located in the middle between the city administration buildings on Lutherplatz/Am Anger to the right of the entrance to the underground car park next to Cafe Liebstöckel. The transition from the underground car park entrance to the footpath becomes a danger spot due to an unevenly high edge, especially for walking-impaired and elderly citizens, as it is narrow and difficult to see. There are no colour supporting markings to draw attention to the location. If you are coming from Cafe' Liebstöckl and want to cross the Garangen entrance, the edge is not noticeable. Our suggestion would be a large, fixed flower pot that closes off the appropriate spot. Citizens would then no longer be able to shorten the path, but a dangerous spot in terms of accessibility would be eliminated.


not yet named

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

This area does not fall under the jurisdiction of the city of Jena, as it is private property. The owner will not implement the idea of a flower pot, but wants to create another remedy himself in the short term.


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