Enrichment for Jena-West and all of Jena


Mr Nachtrab

Brief description of the proposal

The Westsportplatz in the heart of the district Jena-West, which is run by the association Initiative Westsportplatz e. V., is a socio-cultural centre of the district.

In the foreground of the sports field is always the intergenerational approach in the game between young and old and the free access for the population of Jena. So the grandpa meets here with the grandson to play ball, the family with coffee and cake, the recreational athlete on the football or beach volleyball court, the student in the evening hour to play basketball, the friends for a social gathering and football game; in this sense - an open sports culture landscape for all .

We offer a space for the population of Jena as well as six nearby kindergartens and two schools, which is open for leisure activities, events or sporting events. Through a lot of voluntary commitment and self-financing of our groundsman, it is possible to maintain this space.

Since May 2019, a large tartan surface is available, which can be used for basketball and volleyball, for example, and even includes a 100-meter running track as a special highlight. Through a weekly "BambinoFussballTreff" for children from 3 years, the intergenerational aspect is further expanded.

We want to use the 2019 citizens' budget to expand our offerings and be a fixed point of contact for the sports culture landscape of the city of Jena, which is freely accessible.

Within the next two years we want to:

  • purchase a new lawn tractor for the maintenance of the football field
  • purchase awnings and sports equipment


Lawn tractor: 2.000 €
Awning: 7.000 €
Sports equipment: 1.000 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.