A gem for the Camsdorf Bridge


Mrs. Haschke

Brief description of the proposal

The Camsdorf Bridge was rebuilt several times and had a pavilion crowned by the patron saint of the city of Jena, St. Michael, from 1912 until its destruction in 1945. Lastly in the years 2004/2005 very solidly reconstructed and redeveloped, the desire arose with many inhabitants and passers-by to rebuild the pavilion with the figure of the city patron. The association founded for this reason has been dedicated to this cause for many years. The design planning for the construction of the pavilion has been approved. The next steps would be the implementation planning, the tender and then the realization.

The city development committee approved the project on 04.07.2013 and recommended to sign the contract between the city of Jena and the association "Brückenheiliger St. Michael e. V." for the construction of a pavilion on the Camsdorf Bridge. On 31.08.2013 the contract was signed on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the bridge. Unfortunately, the realization is still pending.

Although the association has already raised about 60,000 € over the years, from which the planning costs have been financed so far, at least 30,000 € are still missing to be able to use the disposition fund, which supports civic engagement and association goals with a publicly effective character, and to start with the construction (program "Promotion of the inner development of cities and municipalities").


10.000 €

Statement of the administration

Unfortunately, the proposal does not comply with the rules for the citizens' budget and can therefore not be put to the vote.

The citizens' budget can be used to finance investment measures that can be implemented within two years. Participation in a measure that costs more than €10,000 is exceptionally possible as a grant if the rest of the financing is secured. The project is currently still in the planning phase and the financing has not yet been secured. Therefore, the date of realization cannot yet be determined.