Green classroom for the Imaginata


Dr. Jänchen

Brief description of the proposal

After having been mainly active in the field of physics, Imaginata now wants to enter the realm of biology. We want to set up a green classroom and use our outdoor facilities for environmental education as well.

What do we need for this?

  • Two large covered picnic tables (also known as "Waldschänke") that can seat a whole class (4000 €) Why are they so expensive? They are much bigger than normal ones, should last a long time and also provide a shelter for a teacher - just in case.
  • Building material for an insect hotel with 1000 or more beds (we want to build and design it ourselves with students from Jena) (250 €)
  • Stones for a dry stone wall as a shelter for mason bees and lizards (300 €)
  • three to four bird houses (80 €)
  • a summer roost for bats (40 €)
  • name tags for our trees (50 €)
  • meadow flower seeds (30 €)

This will create a place where larger groups can sit together relatively undisturbed - even if it should drizzle. Individual visitors or families can of course rest or have a picnic if the visit to the Station Park has made them tired or hungry.

In the surrounding area one should be able to observe nature at work. To this end, we would also like to make our grounds a visitor magnet for bees, bumblebees, butterflies and beetles. We already have popular nectar plants in the grounds, such as lavender, summer lilac and sage. We want to expand the offer in the next few years, especially with tasty food plants for the caterpillars.
The advantage for our two-legged visitors is that they can see how simple things can be done for biodiversity.


4.750 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations for participatory budgeting and can be put to the vote.