Ground trampoline in Jena North


Inga Riedel (drudel 11 e. V. / Jugendzentrum polaris)

Brief description of the proposal

In 2017 and 2018, the district-based children's and youth conference was held in Jena North at the polaris youth centre. More than 100 children and young people from Jena North, Jena-Zwätzen and Himmelreich took part in these two conferences. Together with the children and young people, the polaris staff developed ideas for increasing the attractiveness of their district. In such a rapidly growing district as Jena-Nord, it is unfortunately inevitable that play and leisure areas have to make way for urgently needed affordable housing. It is therefore all the more important to make the few existing areas attractive for children and young people.

Many great ideas have been developed, some of them could be implemented in the meantime (repair of the football field Friedenstraße), others are currently being implemented (parkour training facility) and yet other ideas are still untouched on the wish list. At the top of the wish list of Jena-Nord children and youths is a trampoline for free use. Again and again and persistently the children and young people express this wish, so that we hope to make a heart's desire come true through the citizens' budget!

  • What: a ground trampoline in Jena North for children and teenagers
  • Where: the schoolyard of the Montessori school / polaris area, which is open to residents.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

This measure cannot be realized for 5,000 €. In order to plan and build the trampoline according to the safety regulations for playgrounds, the money is not enough, if in addition the follow-up costs for maintenance and care for the next 5 years are included.


Leisure activities, Children & youth work