Information sign for the boules court in Winzerla


Mr Mess, mittendrin e. V.

Brief description of the proposal

This is about the boules court that was created above the Damaschkeweg train stop in 2015. The entire area was planned and designed out of a lengthy participation process. Unfortunately, the boules court is rarely used until today. Here in the district office Winzerla you can borrow ball sets to play against a deposit. Unfortunately, only a few people have used this option.

What again citizens here in the district office addressed was that it would be nice if at this place a sign could stand, which explains the game and the rules (as well as the borrowing possibility of the ball sets). In addition, not all residents are aware of its use as a boules court anymore.

The small addition of a sign could succeed in enhancing the overall value of the court. The vision and desire of the citizens was to improve an existing place by adding a small detail and it would ultimately be available to all people.


1.500 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.