Insect-friendly flowers on the overgrown bed on the oak square


Anke Daßler

Brief description of the proposal

There is a new concept in Jena: insect-friendly green.

The Eichplatz will not be built on for the next 3 years until the Inselplatz is built on. This would mean another 3 years of overgrown green space on the Eichplatz. Only the roundel around the sandpit has been maintained for years by 2 citizens and shows blossoms from spring to autumn.

I would like the 5,000 € to be used to create a dry meadow/flower meadow on the Eichplatz with displays of the sown flowers and of native insects and their way of life, which can then develop there. A small pile of stones can be piled up as a nesting aid and for the design of the small plant. One can use for it the bed, which was used by the edible city in former times.

With such a small sample meadow, one can refer very well to the concept of the city: insect-friendly green and it can become with the display boards also an excursion goal for kindergarten groups and school groups.

The only follow-up costs are the costs for watering the meadow while the seeds germinate and in the event of prolonged drought, as meadow flowers are generally not as susceptible to shorter periods of drought.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


Nature & Environment