Installation of "deposit rings" in the inner city area and/or in Paradies Park


Philipp Jähnke

Short description of the proposal

Following the example of other large cities, such as Hamburg or Frankfurt, I would like to suggest that trash cans in the city center and in Paradies Park be equipped with deposit rings. If they were attached to the outside of the bins, the empties could be placed in them. At the same time, this could lead to the rubbish bins being overfilled less quickly, which could ultimately also relieve the municipal service when emptying them, if less rubbish accumulates around the rubbish bins.

The collection of the deposit bottles is used by the deposit collectors to support their financial livelihood. The working environment of the deposit collectors is often associated with a high risk of injury due to broken glass or heavily soiled objects, and equipment with flashlights and garbage tongs is also required. A deposit ring can help to overcome this and at the same time protect the dignity of the deposit collectors.

In order to learn from the bad experiences of other cities such as Cologne, it makes sense to install a sufficient number of deposit rings. A number of 25 distributed over 5-10 trash cans in Paradies Park (e.g. around the lawn mill island), 2 on the campus behind the Goethe Galerie, as well as in front of the Neue Mitte, in front of the Goethe Galerie, at the Holzmarkt and one deposit ring at the bus station near Paradies, can test the acceptance of the citizens and is within the financial budget of citizen participation. Should the deposit rings prove to be a viable solution, the idea can be extended to Jena's Lobeda conurbation in the coming years. If the idea of the deposit rings does not meet with the approval of the citizens of Jena or if vandals damage the deposit rings, they can be dismantled without residue and resold.

Note: If the city of Jena likes the idea, but does not want to provide the liquid funds, this idea can certainly also be implemented with the own enterprises in self-production. It would be possible to realize the idea by the trainees of the own enterprises in the area of metal processing. Technical drawings can be found on the Internet.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

Basically, it is a great addition, but due to the almost daily vandalism in the paradise, the deposit rings currently favor the destructiveness and would greatly increase the need for costly shard cleanup. Thus, the expected follow-up costs will exceed the budget of € 5,000.


Public order & safety