Installation of a public drinking water dispenser


Mr Pauli

Brief description of the proposal

In many cities, visitors can already feel completely welcome, since they are not denied the most elementary need besides breathing air - clean drinking water. This is different in Jena. If you don't want to be dependent on the mercy of the restaurant owners or if you don't want to quench your thirst on the university toilets, you will soon be left high and dry in the city on the Saale. To remedy this situation, I advocate using part of the 2019 citizens' budget for the installation of a public drinking water dispenser. This would make the public space of the city a whole lot more liveable and livable!

Suitable places for such a dispenser would be all the busy places in the city, for example, the wood market, the square in front of the Paradise Station, the market square or even the church square.


approx. 5,000 € for a water dispenser

Statement of the administration

Unfortunately, the proposal does not comply with the rules for the citizens' budget and can therefore not be put to the vote. The citizens' budget can be used to fund investment measures that do not entail any follow-up costs. The quality of the drinking water must be subjected to regular checks, which incurs not inconsiderable costs. There are currently no budget funds available for this.

However, we take the proposal as an important indication for climate adaptation and hope to be able to implement this idea in another way.