The Jena gym in the Paradiespark for all


Juliane Thaler

Brief description of the proposal

The trend sport Calisthenics ("Street-Workout") emerged about 15 years ago in the United States. The special thing about this sport is that anyone can do it - at any time and free of charge. Calisthenics is a physical workout that doesn't require a lot of equipment and mainly uses your own body weight. A facility with bars for climbing, band or sling trainer attachment is sufficient. Some facilities even have small trampolines embedded in the floor. The floor of the area should ideally be made of fall protection slabs.

The facility should be located in the Paradiespark, as it is centrally accessible and can be used by many citizens. Built as a roundabout, benches for recreation should not be missing. From ecological aspects even a larger insect hotel (also as a visual protection) can be integrated. (The city of Heilbronn has a successful facility in this regard).

Why another sports facility next to the USV in the park? - Especially in the current Corona times the area of the USV is not usable for everyone - even running on the tartar track is not allowed without online registration. The Calisthetics facility would offer a low-threshold alternative for those who want to exercise but can't financially, time-wise, technically, or even linguistically. The facility can connect people: People of different origins and ages. This would also be a good contribution to integration in our city.

That there is a need for such a facility was shown, for example, during the Corona period. During this time many people used the metal construction in the park (next to the former outdoor bowling alley/next to the public toilets/opposite the Paradies Café) for strengthening exercises with and without sling trainers.) The mostly older people sitting there were tolerant, but they took each other's space and not everything was always safe). But maybe this place could be rebuilt in the above sense for common use.

I hope this project can contribute to a greater and more intensive togetherness in our city and to the individual health and fitness of its citizens.


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Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

The paradise is a park monument and accordingly the measures must be examined as to whether they are beneficial or detrimental to the preservation of the monument. With regard to the Trimm-Dich trail, which existed once for a short period in 2014, the State Office of Historic Preservation and Archaeology had determined that trendy sports would be substantially contrary to the desired floodplain character and would not be permitted.


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