MAKERSPACE-MOBIL for Jena and surroundings


Ms Hera, Freie Lernwelten e. V.

Brief description of the proposal

MAKERSPACE-MOBIL - the mobile learning space for analogue and digital skills The "Makerspace-Mobil" sees itself as a mobile learning space that helps children and young people to develop their potential and supports them in their development into creative, self-determined and responsible people.

We want to offer children and young people access to cultural education (cultural assets reading, writing, handicrafts) and to STEM education regardless of their social status and regardless of their location, thus enabling participation and equal opportunities. In order to realize this, we are planning to purchase an electric vehicle with which we will take our offerings to socially deprived areas and rural areas. The vehicle will be equipped with a mobile writing and printing workshop, notebooks, programmable robots, 3D printers, laser cutters and numerous experimental kits on scientific topics and electric mobility, which are already available thanks to our many cooperation partners. In courses and workshops, they can tinker and experiment, realize their own projects and thereby playfully acquire numerous skills such as self-efficacy, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

As the sponsor of the educational institution Abantu Kulturlabor in Jena, our association is already networked with numerous actors, institutions, kindergartens and clubs in Jena and the rural region. The positive response drives us to reach even more children and young people with a mobile Makerspace. A team of experts from different fields is to carry out mobile offers in the institutions that are logistically and personnel-wise not able to visit our facility.


10.000 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.