Making the cultural slaughterhouse liquid! Installation of sanitary facilities


FreiRaum-Jena e. V.

Brief description of the proposal

What we intend to do

A glass of tap water after exercise? Going to the toilet during a theatre or workshop break? Washing your hands before eating?

On the site of the old slaughterhouse in Jena we are developing a new place for culture and meeting, with theatre, roller sports hall, garden, cultural and educational events and much more. But before we can really get started, we are still missing something essential: sanitary facilities. Therefore, we want to carry out the necessary investment measures with your support and a part of the Jena citizens' budget. As a result, the water in the building is bubbling!

For the regular use of the place and for events up to 199 persons we want to build five ladies toilets, two men's toilets, three men's urinals and three anterooms with washbasins. With 10,000 Euros we could cover most of the necessary material costs to prepare the planned WC facility.

Why this is important

Our community project is an enrichment for the cultural life of the city, especially in the north of Jena. With great commitment we are committed to develop a meeting place and to create opportunities for co-creation.

We are pioneers and companions of a new concept: culture meets sports meets sustainability and environmental protection. In the future, the Freie Bühne will have its first permanent rehearsal and performance venue here, Crossroads is building the area's first winterized indoor roller-skating rink, and FreiRaum is developing open spaces for social-ecological life in the city. All these offers invite to participate.

At the same time the Kulturschlachthof should be an open place for the realization of your ideas and projects. Our concern: Culture for all! We are committed to helping people shape their city.

In order to be able to implement this concept, we need sanitary facilities. All users of the site will benefit from this: regular visitors, infrequent guests, people who carry out projects here or contribute to the construction of the site every week.


10.000 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.