New nursery for the Lurch family


Linde Dauel

Brief description of the proposal

The now old nature trail near Closewitz in the north of Jena is located in a beautiful forest idyll and recreation area. Surrounded by the bare wind knoll with a lot of semi-dry grassland, this densely overgrown piece of forest offers a strong contrast in the natural landscape, which is gladly used by hikers but also school classes. The nature reserve is home to native animal and plant species and presents these creatures on a nature trail with classic information boards. The frog and amphibian ponds, which are typical for this region, are also thematised. Unfortunately, the ponds have silted up over time and the amphibians can no longer use them as spawning grounds. Therefore, the new creation and design of one or more wetland habitat(s) for protected amphibians would be a good way to enrich the grove for nature and people. Supplemented by a new informative and interactive display board, a small nature paradise and attractive excursion destination for young and old hikers would be created.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


Nature & Environment