Old well is looking for attention!


Eberhard Kalus

Brief description of the proposal

On the "Stoys Wiese" (between Birnstiel and Forst), which is protected as an area natural monument, there is an old well house. Once used on the property of the famous Jena pedagogue Karl Volkmar Stoy (1815-1885) for water supply, it now stands functionless and "overgrown" at the edge of the beautiful biotope meadow. For this octagonal pavilion, a ground restoration with roof renewal, a free cut and a relocation of the fence is already planned in the near future. In the course of the renovation, this historic site will also be made accessible to hikers. However, curious visitors will then be faced with a closed door, as unsupervised access to the old, 36-metre-deep well is not possible. Wouldn't it be great if people could still take a look at the historical space? Therefore, our proposal for the citizens' budget is a wrought-iron gate for the well house. This would open up a new, interesting view into the water house for visitors and keep the fountain protected from vandalism. An additional information board could give background information or inspire the imagination, how the water supply looked like 150 years ago...


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


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