Parking lot at Gries - Integration of a bicycle/pedestrian path by means of markings


Toni Fohri

Brief description of the proposal

The new large car park at Gries offers many commuters and residents good parking facilities for their cars. What is still missing is a marked path for pedestrians and cyclists at the edges of the car park. There is enough space available and a modified marking can be realized quickly.

Also at the entrance to the parking lot a strip for pedestrians and cyclists should be realized via a marking.


  • Increase of the safety of the way to school from the direction of Griesbrücke to the comprehensive school on Jenzigweg, to the Dualingo day-care centre and the Dualingo primary school.
  • Increased safety of the route from Wenigenjenaer Ufer/Griesbrücke to the comprehensive school on Jenzigweg, to the Dualingo daycare centre and Dualingo primary school.


not yet named

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

Due to the necessary tramline widths in a publicly accessible parking lot, a marking for pedestrian/bicycle paths cannot be easily implemented. This would require restructuring of the parking lot, combined with elimination of parking spaces.

According to the current status, the parking lot is designed as a temporary use for about 5 years: currently, the framework plan Jena-Gries is being revised, the areas at the Gries are being generously redesigned and rezoned, and new walking / cycling paths are planned.


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