A place to enjoy and marvel


Konrad Lambrecht

Brief description of the proposal

Jena should become more attractive for wild bees, bumblebees, beetles and other insects! To this end, a wildflower meadow has already been laid out along the forest path at the edge of the forest. Supplemented by hiding and nesting places, a small paradise is to be created here.

Located directly on the hiking trail to the Jena forest, this beautiful place can serve as a meeting place for hikers. School classes and kindergarten groups can do lessons in the green here: on the basis of the wildflower meadow it can be explained to the children why insects are so important for humans and nature. Furthermore, the way to the forest nature trail Schlauer Ux is not far away.

However, there is still a lack of seating for resting and admiring the colourful hustle and bustle. Therefore, the installation of a seating area, for example made of tree trunks, would be desirable. In addition, an interactive display board could invite young and old visitors to expand their knowledge of insect diversity.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


Leisure activities, Nature & Environment