Standing wave in the Saale


Martin Kötzing

Brief description of the proposal

Following the example of the "Eisbachwelle" in the English Garden of Munich, which serves there as a crowd puller and freely accessible sports facility, it would be conceivable to enrich the city of Jena with such an attraction - not only for surfers - by rebuilding a weir on the Saale. The prerequisite for such a standing wave is the treatment of the river bottom or the reworking of a weir. Similar projects already exist in Hanover, Pforzheim and Kassel, among others. By a cooperation of the city of Jena with appropriate institutes of the FSU or FH the planning and if necessary later conversion could be accomplished in the context of a project or a thesis. No further costs should arise after construction.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

The standing wave is a considerable intervention that requires a wide variety of approval procedures at the municipal level but also at the state level, expert opinions and tests. The Eisbach and the Saale are not comparable (Eisbach water-rich, fast-flowing, regulated water supply, not a large river with floods). Therefore, there is little chance of approval, a lot of reconstruction would be necessary and the operation (e.g. clearing of floating debris) would be very costly.


Leisure activities