A student team boat for the racing canoe kids


Mr. Ritzmann, USV Jena e. V.

Short description of the proposal

Again and again the German racing canoeists win the most medals at the Olympics. Also in Jena, small canoeists from 8 years onwards emulate their idols in the weekly junior training of the canoe department of the USV Jena. Here the basics for the technically demanding sport in the fast racing kayaks are laid.

One of the most beautiful facets of this sport are the team boats. In addition to the races in the single kayak, the coordination and harmony between the paddlers is especially important in the double and quad. Only after numerous hours of training are the fast but also very narrow and tippy racing kayaks controllable. For the smallest ones there are special pupil boats on the way. These are smaller, lighter and you don't fall into the river Saale as fast as with the full-grown racing kayaks of the adults.

In the course of time, the canoe department was able to acquire a good basic stock of these student boats. However, in addition to the renovation of the boathouse and the ongoing competition, not enough money could be set aside for a four-man student boat. The places in the pupil boats are often scarce due to the pleasingly high influx. So the smallest ones have to continue to train in the too large and heavy adult fours if the team boat is to be practiced.

We would therefore like to apply for a part of the Jena citizens' budget for this year for the purchase of a student quad for the small racing canoeists of the USV Jena.


4.750 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.