Table tennis table at Puschkinplatz


Tina Peissker

Brief description of the proposal

Table tennis has enjoyed great and growing popularity for a long time. The public tables (Friedensberg, Fichteplatz, USV Paradies (for club members on request) are well and gladly played and used by all age groups. Also and especially in this time of the pandemic it is wonderful to be able to play table tennis together outside. Table tennis events such as the monthly KiNgPoNg in the Kassa, on the other hand, are no longer possible for the time being and are sorely missed by many players.

We here in the residential area South would therefore be very happy if one or better two outdoor table tennis table(s) could be placed in the park at Puschkinplatz. It would also be nice if these could be qualitatively similar to those of the USV/Paradies (nice and smooth, durable). On the one hand this would liven up the small park a bit more and on the other hand it would be a lot of fun and shorten waiting times at the other boards. It should also be mentioned that many other outdoor plates are outdated and the balls bounce away at the stones cast in them.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

The budget of € 5,000 is not sufficient for this: A table tennis table and the fixation in the play area cost approx. 10,000 €.


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