A towing vehicle for the theatre wagon - We need a fire brigade


Mr. Seeber, Freie Bühne Jena e. V.

Brief description of the proposal

Who does not know it yet!? The theatre wagon of the Freie Bühne Jena.

A jewel, created by 3 years of sweat, joy and a lot of support.

Is there anything more beautiful than the theatre wagon?


Or is there?

Yes, exactly. The theatre wagon pulled by a beautiful old fire engine!

A quick look back:

The idea for a mobile theatre stage in the form of a rolling theatre wagon was born in 2016.

A beautiful old circus wagon was donated to Freie Bühne Jena by lovers of the arts to be given new life. With many hardworking hands, we carefully redesigned this gem into a high-quality mobile theater stage that can also be a space for open-air cinema, concerts, readings and discussions.

The team that made all this possible is a project group of the Freie Bühne Jena e. V. We engage ourselves voluntarily besides studies or job. We bring in diverse knowledge and skills from the fields of carpentry, electrical engineering, visual and performing arts, pedagogy and cultural management. In 2017, we were able to expand our team with important partners: Dr. MANN tragwerkplanung, and the students and trainees of the Freie Ganztagsschule Milda, the Bildungswerk BAU Hessen Thüringen and the Jena-Göschwitz School Center.

Now the time has finally come. The theatre wagon is ready. Packed with all our ideas, the wagon will go on tour from summer 2019. In addition, it will be available for youth cultural work and other cultural initiatives.

We already celebrated a first inauguration party in summer 2018 but with an uncovered roof. After a short hibernation, the car could finally be roofed and go on tour in spring 2019.

We need a fire truck and why?

Firstly, we currently rely on borrowing extra towing vehicles to use the theatre van. This is very expensive in the long run and a really long tour makes that impossible as well. Having our own towing vehicle allows us to have the theatre van ready for use anywhere, anytime, with little running costs that the club can afford.

Then it can also come to your home, or to your school, or to your city festival, or to your company party or through the surrounding area of Jena.

Secondly: Not every car can pull the theatre van. Why? Because the trolley is very heavy, the towing vehicle needs a lot of power and must also be heavier. More details can be explained by the TÜV.

Thirdly: In the chosen towing vehicle, the fire engine, there is a lot of storage space for equipment and props. And artists fit in there as well.

Fourthly: Because of the superstructures on the fire engine, it can be used for the installation of technical equipment such as light and sound. In addition, the fire brigade can also be used for performances. There are no limits for circus artists.
And last but not least: The fire brigade looks so beautiful! It really does! Really!

If you want to have a look then have a look here at Ebay Classifieds.

We are already looking forward to the beaming children's eyes, when the fire brigade with the theatre truck in tow drives into a schoolyard. Then it's break time for 10 minutes. And honestly? It's worth it.


9.000 €

Statement of the administration

The proposal complies with the rules and regulations on the citizens' budget and is put to the vote.