The wandering garden of Jena


Hannes Wolf

Brief description of the proposal

The wandering garden of Jena consists of a mobile tree and a mobile raised bed including seating areas attached to it. A trader/gastronomer takes over the sponsorship of the wandering garden for a defined period of time. He/she waters the tree, plants the raised bed and maintains it. The garden is located directly in front of his shop/restaurant and offers his customers and passers-by a place to linger. The mobile garden is a meeting point, a "space" for breaks and brings a little more green into the city. Pedestrian zones or a car park are suitable locations. The required area is roughly equivalent to a parking space. This takes up the idea of the "Parklet".

The planters are made of weatherproof wood and are produced by a local carpenter (2,000 €). The tree suitable for the requirements will be determined and purchased together with a local nursery (1,000 €). To enable the walking garden to change its location, an axle with two wheels and a drawbar can be attached to each. Then the garden can be moved with the support of man/womanpower.
For possibly needed special use fees 2.000 € are planned. Thanks to support from the city administration, these costs could also be saved.

The respective sponsor/partner is responsible for planting the raised bed. Possibly sponsors can be won for this (building market, garden market).

The idea of the wandering garden can be expanded if it is successfully implemented. Should the project come to an end, the wandering garden can be auctioned off or given away (school, day care centre, nursing home).


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


Nature & Environment