Waste collection station for a clean Jena


Shabnam Staudt

Brief description of the proposal

In Jena and the surrounding area the environment is polluted again and again. Instead of rubbish bins, rubbish is thrown to the side of the road or left in nature. In order to reduce this in the future, a garbage collection station for committed citizens would be desirable. Garbage bags, garbage tongs, gloves and a large garbage can would be available in a public place and could be borrowed at any time. After consultation with the Jena Civic Foundation, the items would be stored there and could be borrowed free of charge by school classes, clubs, associations and also companies. The community foundation also takes care of the arrangements with KSJ for the disposal.

The aim would be to support an awareness for a clean environment and to make this possible not only 1-2 times a year through collection campaigns, but all year round and at any time. Educational institutions, youth groups and families could also make use of this system and thus create an awareness for environmental protection even among children.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is valid.


Public order & safety