Water axis Winzerla


William Schlosser

Short description of the proposal

After the upper and lower parts of the water axis in Winzerla have been attractively designed, the middle part (between Wincenter and Wanderslebstraße) should be tackled.

The budget could be used to initiate a competition of ideas with the participation of the residents. In workshops, ideas and suggestions could be collected on how the citizens would like to see the design.


5.000 €

Opinion of the administration

The proposal is invalid.

A diverse citizen participation was and is already lived in Winzerla in various places and this should continue to be practiced. However, we evaluate this proposal for this year's citizens' budget for invalid. Ultimately, however, only for the following reason: The time span between citizen participation and implementation should not be too far apart in our view. The section of the water axis in Winzerla mentioned in the proposal is currently not yet in the immediate redevelopment planning. This means that no redevelopment work will be carried out there in the next five years. If we were to carry out public participation now - even if it were "only" a competition for ideas - the ideas would not only be outdated in five years, but it would also be difficult to convey to the citizens that they can have their say now, but then have to wait so long for implementation.

In addition, in our view, the difficulty arises that without preliminary planning/architectural work, even an ideas competition raises problems. This is because preliminary work can communicate more clearly to people what framework conditions they should observe for their ideas. In this way it can be avoided that too many ideas have to be discarded afterwards because they are simply too far away from the realities. This also leads to disappointment or frustration among citizens.

From our side, we will again carry out citizen participation in the redevelopment of this section of the water axis. We will include the proposal from the ideas competition in our considerations. As soon as the project is ready, we will also inform the local district council.


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